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Why get such a House

  • Unbeatable Price Compared with the Excellent Quality
  • High Level of Architecture Design
  • New Building Anti-Seismic Method complies the European & USA standards
  • Bioclimatic House Last Word of Technology
  • * For House Low Energy Consumption
    * Perfect Sense & Comfortable Feelings because of the Stable indoor climate conditions in the apartment regardless of the prevailing external condition Imagine you play BACKGAMMON with a friend of you inside your leaving room and you see that it is a nice sunshine day something very common here in Greece and by touching a button in your mobile phone you open a part of your house roof to see the beautiful blue sky and let your House like a CABRIO CAR
    Can you believe it ???

  • Fully Automated ( TECHNOLOGY OF THE FUTURE )
  • Control & Handle your Home from wherever you are From your PAD, or your Mobile Phone, or your Laptop Computer

The world of tomorrow is available to you today !

What is included in the project

  • Foundation Base
  • Steel Metal Frame
  • Insulating walls
  • Exterior & Interior painting
  • Tiled floors
  • Aluminium Windows & Balconies doors
  • Security Entrance Door
  • Bedroom Cabinets
  • Kitchen
  • Complete Furniture consisting of Cabinets, Indirect Lighting, Plugs etc. excluding electrical equipments they could be add after customer agreement

  • All Sanitary Works (Including Equipments)
  • All Electrical Works, (Including Switches, Indirect Lighting, Plugs)
    Win 4.000EURO/YEAR according to European Standard Price
  • Solar Cell Water Heater 150Lt
  • Autonomous Electrical Energy Feeding for Main Electrical Equipments for 9 Hours in case of power failure, and for Energy Saving during normal conditions
  • Complete Infrastructure for Satellite TV, Radio, Wi-Fi, ...
  • i - Home (Full Smart Home - Controlled & Informs from/to PAD, Mobile Phone, Computer)
  • * Protection & Information for Burglar Alarm, Fire Detection & Extinguish, Flood Protection, Power Failure, ...
    * Controls Garden Watering, In-house Lights, Outdoor Lights, Shutters, Tents, Oven, ...
    * Smart Energy Saving & Safety protection in the human absence

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