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Our Company

AutoSysCon Group (Automation Systems Consultants) is a High-Tech Engineering Company.

It operates in three areas:

- The Home automation, to make your life more comfortable we designed a wide range of products suitable for homes, shops and business premises. The general feature of these systems over the reliability which is guaranteed throughout the range of our activities are as following: given safety, remote control via mobile phone, easy to use, concentrations of several systems into one, simplify many everyday tasks at home or at office, energy saving, environmental protection, low cost of ownership and minimal maintenance.

- The Construction Industry addresses to the Industrial and Maritime. The AutoSysCon group innovates in the design and manufacture of integrated solutions and Maritime Industrial Automation.

- The Commercial sector represents companies of international reputation in the category of accessories, electronic and automated applications.

Need more time, more comfort, more freedom ???

If for your problems you blame a large part of the daily involvement in the care of the house then the solutions AutoSysCon group offers can lighten the load on your shoulders.

A series of systems and other products customized for your needs, allow you to combine all the features of the house in an automated unit remotely via your mobile phone from any distance, while informing you of everything that happens in your home.

Systems of Smart Home over time becoming more familiar to the general public. Of course, many may be those who say they know some features but do not know that the potential control, visualization and remote control of a house or a building through the system is tremendous, but progressive and well-expansion.

AutoSysCon group systems provide the following capabilities:

• Electrical Energy Saving
• Thermal Energy Saving
• Burglar alarm
• Fire detection / Fire extinguish
• Fuel level Control
• Leakage Control and Water Supply Interruption
• Automatic Watering
• Heating Control / Cooling / Temperature Update
• Turn on-Off Heater
• Operational roles / Tent / Garage Doors
• Pool Operation
• Notification for Power Failure / Return
• Lighting Scenarios
• Smart Lighting without Switches
• Operation of electrical devices
• Panic Alarm / emergency sick, elderly, children with automatic updates on your mobile
• Notification to your cell phone for the successful execution of an order
• etc................Unlimited Automation!

Our systems are preferred by the market for the following reasons :

Easy to use
• Operating through cell phone, GSM, WiFi, BlueTooth
• Brings together the capabilities of many systems in one
• Are reliable
• Much better than other building systems in the market
• Have 3 years warranty
• CE Certification
• ISO 9001:2000 Certification
• Are adaptable
• Are fully expandable based on customers needs

Noone can interfere with or disrupt communications (not cable landline)
• The system has spare batteries
• Ecology of the systems established by saving electricity, oil and water
• It is easy to install, installed in less time and with little odd jobs. The installation can be done on new or old buildings with wired or wireless peripherals according to the case
• We offer the best prices in most cases decreases the savings offered