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GreenHouse Modernization

ASC - GreenHouse


Includes : Main Unit, Box, UPS, Battery, Door Trap, Raining Sensor, BlueTooth, GSM Modem

  Smart GreenHouse Management Automation.

Control, Notification, Programming, Locally and Remotely converting the GreenHouse to Ultramodern Automated Unit, ensuring great Energy & Fuel Saving, Safety, Comfort.

Notifies locally & remotely
To 3 mobile phones for Burglar Alarm, Rain, Power Cut & Return,...
Records to mobiles & PC for Irrigation Time / Volume, as well as fertilizing.

Control / Setting / Programming weekly program
for Open/Close Windows, Irrigation Valve, Fertilizing, Heating, Lighting,...

System type : 5030
Communication : Bluetooth & GSM
Peripherals : Wireless or and Wired
Maintenance : No Need
Dimensions : (2pieces) 145W Χ 90H Χ 50D mm
Weight : 1.865gr
Mobile Application with graphicals
Certification : CE
Warranty : 3 YEARS
Made in : EU